Scandal Corset Harness SE2712603

Scandal Corset Harness

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Lace yourself up in the luxurious and edgy-feminine Scandal Corset Harness. Add the probe of your choice and prepare for an evening of exhilarating, empowering, and likely addictive forays in the world of role reversal. You and your lover will enjoy the extreme trust, emotional connection, and and shiver-inducing pleasure that comes from switching roles and exploring the the bedroom from the other side. Take the reins tonight and thrust, kiss, and caress your partner into realizing their deepest desires. Take things slow as you explore what it feels like to be in control, or give your partner the rough and forceful handling they crave. The harness fits up to a 72-inch waist and will complement the curves of every body type. The universal snaps come with two removable heavy-duty metal rings to fit the probe of your choice. Start slow or give them that satisfying feeling of fullness they crave the possibilities are endless. As the dominant, youll love the luxurious corset-style harness with sensuous red and black stitching. Your partner will positively drink in the sight of the harness hugging you in all the right place and making your dominant side shine through. Your behind will look especially grab-able with the sexy lace-up back and shiny black ribbon dangling down between your legs. Relinquish control or experience what it feels like to dominate tonight.

Luxurious corset harness with reinforced double stitching and sensual lace ties
Soft, comfortable and totally adjustable with double-padded designer fabric.
Universal snaps with 2 removable heavy-duty metal rings included : 1.5"/3.75cm and 2"/5cm diameter
Harness fits up to 72"/183 cm waist